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Linear Battles for Campaigns
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To short cut certain battles in a campaign context, here is what I was thinking,

Each side numbers it's units ( think of this as the deployment phase)

When you get to a turn, attacks are made against the lowest numbered unit eligible unit with additional hits spilling onto the next unit.

Player 1 has fleet
3. Merchant 1
4. Merchant 2

Step 1, Air Attacks
Aircraft may attack ships anywhere in the enemy fleet, unless a SA requires otherwise.
Only one aircraft may attack any 1 ship per turn (unless there is no option or a SA that allows otherwise.)
An attacking aircraft may face AA from:
The ship it attacks,
Any numerically adjacent ship that has a close escort type special ability
Any numerically adjacent ship that has a heavy AA type special  ability
The lowest numbered ship in the fleet that has not yet made an AA attack this turn.

Attacking player wants to air attack Merchant 1, Guard the Convoy requires the Ledbury and Sackville first.

Ships attacked and sunk (or forced to retreat) in the air phase are removed from the list.
Aircraft aborted or vitalled are removed from landbased (in a campaign, only the vitalled units are destroyed)

Step 2, Surface Fire
Starting from your lowest numbered surface units you can attack the opposing fleet

Ledbury attacks the lead ship of the opposing fleet Z18 Hans Ludermann. Both ships are at the lead of thier columns, so attacks are at Range 0
Sackville attacks Z18 also, but as it is second in line, must attack with its range 2 value.
On the Z18s turn, it must attack the Ledbury first, until she's sunk. Only then can she engage the Sackville

Step 3, Submarine Fire
Submarines and ships can be positioned anywhere in your column if a submarine is within it's normal attack range it can attack normally.
Submarines with Infiltrator can elect to use that ability, loosing the option to attack on the first turn of a battle but able to attack any ship in your opponents column on the second turn. After the second turn infiltrators are treated as normal subs and can only attack front of your column.

Step 4, End of Turn
Mines: If either player has laid mines, the lead ship of either column must make a Mines roll at turns end.
If the defender has lost all surface ship that fleet is defeated.
If the attacker has lost or has all ship crippled that fleet is defeated (you may optionally require all aircraft to have been aborted or vitaled)


PostMon Apr 27, 2015 6:13 am
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